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Donald Trump Jr. thanks Rachel Maddow after ‘simply awesome’ tax bust

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After Rachel Maddow had the biggest bust on live television since Geraldo opened Al Capone’s vault, President Donald Trump’s son thanked her for it.

Donald Trump Jr. went on social media on Tuesday night and gloated about, what the majority of the media called, a win for his father.

MSNBC and Maddow hyped the big tax return reveal but it did more to make President Trump look good than the president’s haters expected.

Well played! Trump out scoops Maddow on his tax returns, mocks MSNBC over ‘desperate’ ratings ploy

And Trump Jr. spiked the football.

The tone matched the statement that came directly from the White House that lambasted the “dishonest media.”

And the president got it on the act non Wednesday by questioning the validity of where the tax returns came from.

Rachel Maddow hijacks the news with promise she has Trump’s tax returns, and HE likely leaked them

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