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Ashley Judd is terrified by pro-Trump fan at basketball game; this poor woman needs help

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It’s taking less and less for trigger liberals into a panic attack these days.

Actress Ashley Judd claimed in a lengthy Facebook post that she had an “uncomfortable and scary” experience over the weekend at a college basketball game when an older man proclaimed that residents of his small town support President Donald Trump.

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Clip via Fox News Channel

After a shot conversation with the man, she indicated that he told her “I like Big Stone Gap,” his Virginia home town. He added, “We like Trump.” She claimed that his last remark was made “with open hostility.”

In response, Judd called for “apolitical spaces in this country” — safe spaces.

Appearing on Fox News Channel’s “The First 100 Days, Fox News contributor Dana Loesch concluded that “I think she’s nuts!”

She told host Martha MacCallum that Judd’s call for an apolitical space is, in reality, a call for “only a political space in which everyone shares her exact belief systems.”

Loesch observed that didn’t take much to trigger Judd — a mere statement that the man support for the president.

“That simple statement is enough to trigger her. She goes into this full-on meltdown,” Loesch said, adding that Judd’s reaction was typical for those of the “coastal elite” to regular folks in “flyover country.”

I think she’s unhinged,” Loesch concluded. “I think she needs mental help, honestly.”

Loesch later said that the game Judd was attending was in a state that voted overwhelmingly for the president.

“She’s in Kentucky, for crying out loud,” she told MacCallum. “Kentuckians are going to talk about that they like them some Trump!”

This isn’t the first time Judd has come off sounding unhinged.

On the day following Trump’s inauguration, Judd implied to the crowd at the Women’s March on Washington that Trump had wet dreams and sexual fantasies about his daughter Ivanka.

Her rant was so over-the-top that even her own sister Wynonna felt it necessary to distance herself from them.

Here’s Judd’s Facebook post.

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