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Political editor outs biased media cohorts: Obsessed with finding ‘silver bullet’ to ‘kill the Trump monster’

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Daily Mail U.S. political editor David Martosko gave his take on the media’s unabashed bias and it isn’t pretty.

“If you think there is a liberal bias in political media, you really have no idea how right you are,” Martosko told Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Monday.

He explained that there are reporters that are out to get President Donald Trump and they are looking for new ways to get him daily.

Martosko said “there are some very skilled, smart and honest reporters covering the White House,” but he added that many of the reporters are “waking up every morning looking for the silver bullet that’s gonna kill the Trump monster.”

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He said that he witnessed reporters crying after President Trump won the election, and it wasn’t only Martha Raddatz.

“There’s a lack of intellectual and ideological diversity in the media,” he said. “I think it’s fair to say that at least nine out of 10 of the reporters covering Trump on the trail would never imagine voting for him.”

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