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John McCain and Lindsey Graham exposed for what they truly are … and it’s not pretty

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Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham are undermining President Trump because they’re press whores who are “seduced by the liberal media.”

That’s the consensus of a panel discussion Fox News’ Sean Hannity moderated with Geraldo Rivera and Monica Crowley.

“They’re constantly attacking the Republican president and colluding with the alt-left propaganda media and the liberal snowflakes,” Hannity said. “John McCain is on TV every other night criticizing the president … They race to CNN every 5 seconds with every minor critique.”


Hannity said the nonstop attacks are undermining Republicans’ ability to accomplish things for the American people.

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“Here is the first time Republicans actually have the chance to do really, really big things, and it’s a never-ending attack by these two guys,” Hannity said. “They seem bitter. Lindsey Graham we know is bitter because he couldn’t even get 2% in his home state of South Carolina.”


Geraldo Rivera, a self-proclaimed liberal Republican who identifies with RINOs (Republican in name only) like John McCain, said McCain and Lindsey Graham constantly trash President Trump because they’re pandering to mainstream media.

“They’re seduced by the liberal media in the sense that the more they oppose the president, the more access they have to MSNBC, CNN and the other media outlets who very much want to criticize the president,” Rivera said.

Monica Crowley agreed, and said they won’t stop their media-whoring stunts because they’ve gotten so much press attention by slamming Trump:

They have made careers of being contrarians. They are notorious for breaking ranks with conservatives, aligning with moderates and even Democrats, to support certain positions.

We know they are no fans of this president, and they are going to take every opportunity to criticize him. That is not going to change. They are so interested in wanting good coverage from the New York Times and the Washington Post that they get used by the other side.

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