Financial guru warns Trump; fraudulent census bureau must be purged for accurate employment stats

President Donald Trump needs to purge the “statistics-gathering machinery of government” if he wants to get numbers he can trust.

New York Post financial columnist John Crudele criticized Trump for calling jobs figures “phony” under former President Obama while touting them as trustworthy under his own administration, pointing to a February jobs report which exceeded expectations.

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“That’s BS,” Crudele wrote in a column published Monday.

“If Trump really wants to get to the bottom of the statistical fraud at the Census Bureau, which compiles the unemployment rate, and at the Labor Department, where the monthly job gains come from, he should give me a call and I’ll put him in touch with people who can fix things,” Crudele wrote.

“I suggest that he take me up on this limited-time offer,” Crudele continued, adding that the “quality of the numbers” did not improve much in the last month and a half.

The U.S. Census Bureau,  overseen by the Economics and Statistics Administration within the Department of Commerce, employs over 4,200 people. The current Census Bureau Director, John H. Thompson, was appointed by Obama in 2013.

The Post’s Crudele believes it is time for President Trump to clean house.

“Until the new president puts his own people in charge of the statistics-gathering machinery of government” Crudele concluded,  “he can be assured that the quality of the numbers will only get worse.”

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