Donna Brazile predicts blizzard will sink Trump; her evil wishful thinking-out-loud backfires

With a major Nor’easter barreling down on the Washington to New York City corridor, promising blizzard-like conditions throughout the northeastern United States, Donna Brazile appears to be hoping the storm will accomplish what the Democratic Party could not.

Namely, to defeat Donald Trump.

The former interim chair of the Democratic National Committee took to Twitter to reference Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, and the impact the destructive storms had on the sitting presidents at the time — George W. Bush and Barack Obama — to call into question what kind of leadership Americans might see from President Donald Trump.

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Almost as if the liberal Democrat was rooting for the misery of New Englanders in hopes of advancing political goals.

The “Fox & Friends” crew discussed Brazile’s “stormy disposition” Monday:

Brazile, as you may recall, faced a little storm of her own when she was fired by CNN last year after hacked emails showed she leaked debate questions to Hillary Clinton’s campaign while working as a contributor on the network.

Something social media users weren’t about to let her forget.

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