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Cosmo names 10 most beautiful women in the world according to science; suddenly libs hate science

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Cosmopolitan magazine was attacked on social media after it produced an article that named the top ten most beautiful women according to science.

The magazine tweeted a link to the story on Sunday but quickly deleted it when backlash came because all of the women were white.

The list was not compiled by Cosmopolitan but was a reprint of a list published in 2016 by “Women’s Day” where its author, Jessica Mattern, explained the science used.

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It all comes down to an ancient Greek philosophy called the Phi ratio, which Julian De Silva, M.D., of the Centre for Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery used along with computer facial mapping to determine which famous women have the ideal face ratio and symmetry.

The list is as follows.

1. Amber Heard 91.85%

2. Kim Kardashian 91.39%

3. Kate Moss 91.06%

4. Emily Ratajkowski 90.8%

5. Kendall Jenner 90.18%

6. Helen Mirren 89.93%

7. Scarlett Johansson 89.82%

8. Selena Gomez 89.57%

9. Marilyn Monroe 89.41%

10. Jennifer Lawrence 89.24%

But what the plastic surgeon forgot is that you must include someone of color, whether they achieved it or not, because if you don’t you are a racist.

But what happened to the party of science?

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