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Darrell Issa’s response to incessantly whiny lib who accused staff of ‘battery’ at town hall is an instant classic

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Now this is being a victim of one’s own excess…

A woman claiming to be a member of the State Bar of California — see liberal — whined incessantly at a San Diego town hall about her sign being taken from her, prompting a classic response from Rep. Darrell Issa.

“I had a very small sign that said, ‘Investigate Russia now,'” she told Issa when given the opportunity to ask a question.

“There are many other people with signs here. You bodyguard, security guard, came over and took my sign away from me forcibly,” the woman continued. “I asserted my 1st Amendment rights of free speech. I told him it was suppression of speech.”

The Republican lawmaker initially treated her complaint seriously, explaining that if signs are obstructing the view of others, they could be removed. He also noted that he gave no instruction to have the sign removed and apologized.

But the “victim” — see liberal — was not about to let the situation go, grousing about a crime being committed against her.

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“Mine was small and it was forcibly taken from me and it constituted a battery,” said the alleged lawyer. “It was your staff. They committed a criminal offense against me”

Having had enough of the tomfoolery, Issa decided it was a good time to move on, but not before having a little fun.

“Well, okay… we’ll go on to somebody who doesn’t have a pending lawsuit. Next!” he shot back.


Tom Tillison


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