ACLU rebrands ‘sanctuary cities’ to ‘freedom cities’ and makes ICE evil ‘henchmen’ in new People Power campaign

The American Civil Liberties Union has launched a new plan to become a bigger roadblock to President Donald Trump.

During the launch of its “People Power” campaign on Saturday the civil rights group announced it’s “Freedom Cities” plan in a statement on its website and with a social media campaign.

The idea is to have activists push local officials to sign a pledge to, essentially, make their city or county a sanctuary for illegal immigrants, according to the ACLU’s website.

President Trump has already caused massive harm through his immigration policies. He has outlined, through executive orders issued his first week in office, a blueprint for a mass deportation machine, which will pull families apart and uproot hard-working, law-abiding individuals who have lived here for decades. The impact of this agenda is plastered in our newspapers daily, whether through the detention of a father of five U.S. citizen children who has only worked hard and obeyed the law since his arrival 15 years ago, or a domestic violence victim in Texas, who sought protection through our judicial system, but fell prey to Trump’s henchmen — apparently based on a tip provided by her abuser.


The “henchmen” are also known as Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and the domestic violence victim, Irvin Gonzalez, who is a transgender “woman,” was deported six times and has a criminal record that includes charges of assault, stealing mail and false imprisonment, according to the El Paso Times.

But saying that a criminal illegal alien deported multiple times probably doesn’t get the sympathy from the mainstream media that they want.

“Instead of scrambling to react to each outrage that sees our neighbor hauled away to a privately run detention camp, we will systematically work to disable Trump’s deportation machine,” the ACLU said in the statement.

Not everyone gave the campaign the support it was seeking.

If that’s the case they ought to have started this campaign when former President Obama was in office and deported more people than any president in history.

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Carmine Sabia


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