Sean Spicer OWNS the room when he embraces his SNL spoof at briefing

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer sparked genuine laughter at a press conference when he joked about a Saturday Night Live parody of himself.

Spicer was answering questions during a White House press briefing Friday about a tweet he had posted regarding the numbers in a  February job report.

Bloomberg reporter Justin Sink asked Spicer if he had possibly violated federal rules by tweeting about the numbers too soon, citing an obscure rule that prevents comments from the executive branch for an hour following release of economic reports.

Spicer seemed to think it was silly and as he began to answer, made a reference to Melissa McCarthy’s impression of the press secretary from an episode of Saturday Night Live.

“Don’t make me make the podium move,” Spicer said, eliciting laughs throughout the room.

He has reportedly wanted to make a joke for weeks about the parody which features McCarthy’s impression of “Spicey” who is obsessed with gum and uses a Super Soaker as well as the podium to attack the press corps.

Spicer’s alleged plan to bring a water gun to a press conference was reportedly shot down by President Trump who was offended by the sketch and is highly critical of the show, according to Vanity Fair.

Many Twitter users were happy to see Spicer’s nod to his doppelganger.

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Frieda Powers


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