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One US Attorney refuses to resign, says he’ll make the president fire him … he gets his wish

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Although it is customary to be prepared to resign when a new administration takes office, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara wants to force President Donald Trump to fire him.

Bharara insisted that he was asked to stay on by the president and by Attorney General Jeff Sessions and had no intention of submitting his resignation as requested, CNN reported.

It didn’t take long for him to get what he asked for.

“The president-elect asked,” he said after meeting with President Trump before his inauguration, “presumably because he’s a New Yorker and is aware of the great work that our office has done over the past seven years, asked to met with me to discuss whether or not I’d be prepared to stay on as the United States attorney to do the work we have done, independently, without fear or favor for the last seven years.

“We had a good meeting,” he said. “I said I would absolutely consider staying on. I agreed to stay on. I have already spoken to Senator Sessions, who as you know is the nominee for attorney general. He also asked that I stay on, and so I expect that I will be continuing to work at the southern district.”

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Carmine Sabia


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