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Now what? Dem Maxine Waters turns up the crazy after calling Trump sex accusations ‘absolutely true’

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After insisting unfounded claims of salacious “sex actions” published by BuzzFeed News and attributed to President Donald Trump were “absolutely true” earlier in the week, batty Rep. Maxine Waters now denies it.

“I did not make that claim that the dossier was accurate,” the always entertaining Democratic lawmaker said in an interview set to air Sunday on CSPAN, according to The Hill.

“The dossier is just one part of all kind of evidence that’s rolling in [and] some may be more factual than other. … The only thing that I am focused on is credible investigations to bring out the facts.”

Taking the lead in the Democratic Party’s desperate, far-reaching quest to see Trump impeached over alleged collusion with the Russian government, Waters has a sudden interest in facts.

“Russia interfered with our elections and they attempted to undermine our democracy,” Waters said Friday on the “Newsmakers” program. “And we need to know whether or not there was collusion [and] who was involved in that.

“It’s important to get the facts.”

And despite any evidence to support the charge, the California lawmaker is ready to remove Trump from office. Quickly.

“If the facts are there, then I think we should move very quickly to do something about it,” Waters declared. “And if there was collusion, and any support for undermining our democracy, I think the president should be impeached.”


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