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Sheriff Clarke just heard where Black Lives Matter was headed, and he’s not the only with a lot of questions

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke slammed Black Lives Matters for not having its priorities straight.

Clarke said he’s baffled that Black Lives Matter is protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota, when they should be in Chicago protesting the city’s record black homicide rates.

“Just heard Black LIES Matter is in North Dakota protesting Dakota Access Pipeline,” Clarke tweeted. “What the hell are they doing there? Should be in Chicago.”

Sheriff Clarke added: “Blacks in the ghetto want better schools, jobs and safer neighborhoods … Green is the new Black. Black LIES Matter has been forced to sell the left’s environmental agenda to stay relevant with the Democrat Party.”

Clarke’s Twitter followers agreed. “What does a pipeline have to do with Black lives matter? What a joke!” one person tweeted.

Another replied: “Nothing. They go where their boss pays them to go.”

Clarke and numerous Twitter users suggested that BLM is merely protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline because they’re being paid to, as operatives of leftist groups bankrolled by billionaire George Soros.

Soros gave $246 million to 100 anti-Trump groups behind this week’s “Day Without a Woman” protest, according to the Media Research Center. Soros is also reportedly financing many of the anti-Trump riots around the country.


Compassionate libs abandoned puppies to die in the cold.

Many on Twitter said they hope Black Lives Matter won’t pollute the Dakota Access Pipeline camp site the way “environmental” protesters did.

Throngs of “environmental activists” protested the DAPL, claiming the oil pipeline would harm the environment.

When the protesters departed, they left behind mountains of trash and abandoned puppies, who were left to starve and freeze to death.

Samantha Chang


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