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Crazed boycott organizer livid when she learns Neiman Marcus ‘snuck’ Ivanka items back on website

Ivanka Trump’s clothing line posted record sales after anti-Trumpers launched a nationwide boycott.

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Ivanka Trump must be exhausted from all that winning.

A month after Neiman Marcus dumped her clothing line under pressure from the anti-Trump “Grab Your Wallet” movement, the retail giant quietly began selling her jewelry line again.

Two Ivanka Trump jewelry items — a $4,360 ring and a $5,400 ring — now appear on the retailer’s website.

This sent Shannon Coulter — who launched the nationwide boycott of all Trump products — into a fit, where she declared war on Neiman Marcus. Again.

“Just re-added @NeimanMarcus to the #GrabYourWallet boycott list as two new Trump brand items have surfaced there,” Coulter bleated on Twitter.


The news comes amid reports that Ivanka’s clothing line posted record sales shortly after leftists launched their boycott. Sales of Ivanka’s clothing rocketed 346% from January to February.

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Shannon Coulter

The record-setting sales are noteworthy because they occurred around the time that retail giants Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, T.J. Maxx, Kmart and Marshalls dropped Ivanka’s clothing line after Shannon Coulter’s “Grab Your Wallet” movement pressured them to boycott Trump products.

A vicious backlash erupted, as consumers slammed protesters for targeting Ivanka to retaliate against her dad. Last month, Ivanka’s perfumes soared to the top of the Amazon Bestsellers list.

Coulter, who quit her job to troll the Trump family full-time, now spends her days stalking Ivanka on Twitter.

That’s right, this is Coulter’s “job” now. As President Trump would say: SAD!

Update: The cowardly Neiman Marcus has caved into leftist pressure and pulled Ivanka’s jewelry from its website.

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