Hillary’s decision to debut new ‘do while vying for role as leader of the ‘resistance’ proves not wise

Hillary Clinton debuted a new ‘do as she urged comrades to “resist.”

Hillary Clinton came out of hiding for a few minutes to post a Snapchat video urging her comrades to “resist” on International Women’s Day.

Wearing a red coat indoors on a warm Wednesday, Clinton debuted a new bob haircut as she encouraged leftists to continue protesting President Trump. Clinton wrote: “Stand up. Resist. Run for office.”

Scores of liberal women took the day off from work to participate in protests and marches around the country. Billionaire George Soros gave $246 million to 100 anti-Trump groups behind Wednesday’s “Day Without a Woman” protest, according to the Media Research Center.

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Here’s another shot of Hillary’s new haircut.

To prove that the scales still have not fallen off their eyes, libs actually complimented Hillary’s unflattering new ‘do.


One woman couldn’t contain her excitement over Clinton’s Snapchat video, Twitchy noted.

Others on Twitter reacted with the usual mix of snark and deadpan sass.





Several people pointed out that Hillary supporters are experts at “resistance.”

Then, there’s this:


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