Trump supporters have Stick Man’s back! ‘Hero’ arrested protecting ralliers heads to court

Trump supporters have each other’s backs.

That’s what Based Stick Man (real name: Kyle Chapman) discovered when he was arrested for defending himself and other Trump supporters at a pro-Trump rally in Berkeley, California, on Saturday.

Trump supporters around the country have donated more than $66,000 to raise bail for Based Stick Man, who was released from jail on Monday. You can check out his video thank-you below:

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Chapman and other Trump supporters were attacked by violent liberals while attending the “March 4 Trump” rally, which was part of a nationwide campaign to show unity for President Trump.

At the event, a senior citizen was pepper-sprayed and shoved by an angry mob of moonbats. Other innocent bystanders were also assaulted by leftist lunatics.

That’s when Based Stick Man stepped in, to protect Trump supporters from the onslaught.

He came prepared with goggles, a respirator, shin guards and a wooden stick to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of MAGA.

While Berkeley police did not intervene to stop the rioters, they arrested Based Stick Man and set his bail at $5,000.

Trump supporters launched a WeSearchr legal defense fund and raised over $66,000 to help Kyle Chapman, who’s facing a number of serious charges. Chapman is due in court on March 7.

Hilarious internet memes popped up to immortalize Based Stick Man’s heroic efforts at the “Battle of Berkeley.”

While the memes make light of Based Stick Man’s adventures, the escalating violence against Trump supporters has become a serious issue.

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