Schumer pounces: How is Trump’s new travel ban different than his first, and will it stand up in court?

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer responded quickly to the new executive order signed by President Donald Trump instituting a new temporary travel ban.

The new ban was signed by the president on Monday and included the six majority Muslim nations in the original travel ban, with the seventh, Iraq, removed, CNN reported.

The new version exempts people who hold current visas and drops an indefinite ban on Syrian refugees, reducing it to 120 days. It also makes clear that lawful permanent residents are excluded from ban.

But that didn’t appease the senator, who openly cried when the initial travel ban was issued.

Sen. Schumer took to social media and called it “mean-spirited & un-American” and claimed it is a “Muslim ban” even though the majority of the world’s Muslims aren’t affected.

The American Civil Liberties Union rushed to threaten legal action.

Attorney Page Pate says the travel ban is likely to not be suspended by the courts in a YouTube video.

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Carmine Sabia


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