March 4 Trump ralliers violently beaten, pepper-sprayed at Berkeley; where were the cops?

Violence quickly erupted Saturday at a pro-Trump rally at the University of California, Berkeley.

The display of intolerance comes less than a month after violent rioting took place at the school over the scheduled appearance by now-former Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos.

There were multiple confrontations during the “March 4 Trump” rally, which was part of a nationwide effort Saturday to show unity for President Donald Trump.

It’s difficult to say who started the violence, but much of it appeared to originate with so-called “anti-fascist” masked thugs known as antifa. There were early reports that the pro-Trump crowd was being pepper sprayed.

…and a common scene was pro-Trump supporters, many of them elderly, on the ground.

Granted, the man on the ground above was seen earlier engaged in an aggressive exchange with an anti-Trump protester…

*Caution: Strong Language

But that didn’t stop the media from putting one helluva spin on events, as seen in a report from The Hill that featured this headline: “Pro-Trump Berkeley protests get physical.”

Experts battle over wiretap: ‘They did get a
FISA warrant, so Trump doesn’t have to prove it’

Of course, technically speaking, if you are defending yourself from getting beaten to a bloody pulp, that would include the need to “get physical.”

And the San Francisco Chronicle wasn’t about to be outdone in putting forth a misleading banner:

Riot police where on the scene, but never seemed to be where the violence was taking place.

Here are more troubling scenes of the carnage that took place Saturday:

When all was said and done, there were 10 people arrested, according to Berkelyside:

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