Schumer pulled strings to get athlete past Trump’s travel ban; guy gets charged sexually abusing a child

Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer has inadvertently made a strong case for extreme vetting of those wanting to enter the United States.

The New York senator, and Senate minority leader, pulled strings to obtain a visa for a snowshoe racer from India to gain entry to America for a competition only to have that same man apprehended on charges of child sex abuse.

Tanveer Hussain, who is from the heavily Muslim region of Kashmir, according to the Washington Post, was initially denied a visa in the days after President Donald Trump’s travel ban, but after Schumer and the mayor of Saranac Lake in New York intervened, he was granted a visa.

Hussain, and team manager Abid Khan, were given a hero’s welcome by the town when they arrived for competition on Feb. 23 because of the ordeal they had to go through to get into the nation. They were given free lodging and congratulations, according to the Post.

But that changed when Hussain was apprehended and charged with felony sexual abuse and child welfare endangerment on Wednesday, according to police.

The incident happened when Hussain allegedly assaulted a 12-year-old who was in the pool of the hotel he was staying at when the two of them were alone. The parents reported the incident to police.

“There was a moment when the two were alone, and that’s when the incident occurred,” Saranac Lake Village Police Chief Charles A. Potthast Jr. said, adding that there was a “passionate kiss” and inappropriate touching.

“It’s an unfortunate situation, both for the community there in the U.S. who supported us and the federation,” Muddasir Mir, president of the SnowShoe Federation of India, said in a statement. “We have full faith in the American law, and as there is a court proceeding going on, that is going to be my only comment.”

Hussain’s brother said where the family is from showing that kind of “affection” to children is not uncommon, highlighting another reason extreme vetting is appropriate when cultures clash.

“In Kashmir, we have a tradition of showing love to children. We hug and kiss a child here, and our society doesn’t see it as a crime,” Yunus Ali said.

What’s more is that, according to Mir, the only reason Husain entered the United States was because of the “personal efforts” of Sen. Schumer and fellow Democrat New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

Sen. Schumer even celebrated Hussain’s arrival as a “rock star” in a statement published on Facebook.

A spokesperson for Sen. Schumer said he helped with the visas at the request of Saranac Lake and said the charges were “extremely troubling.”

Social media lambasted the senator for his role.

It’s the second time in a week the New York senator has been asked to resign by social media users.

The first came after President Trump shared a picture of him with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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