Trump makes me want to be an American: ‘Logan’ co-star Patrick Stewart drops this bomb on ‘The View’

Another one bites the dust. British actor Patrick Stewart joins the growing chorus of brainwashed Hollywood buffoons jumping on the anti-Trump bandwagon for publicity.

While pimping his new film, “Logan,” Stewart declared that he wants to become a U.S. citizen so he can “fight and oppose” President Trump.

“I am now applying for citizenship because I want to be an American, too,” Stewart said on “The View.”

“Because all of my friends in Washington said there is one thing you can do: Fight, fight. Oppose, oppose. But I can’t do it [yet] because I’m not a citizen.”

Stewart, who previously predicted that President Trump wouldn’t “last two months” in the White House, also claimed that he had slept poorly the last time he visited Washington.

Naturally, he blamed Trump for his insomnia (his next excuse was “the Russians!!”).

“The first night we were in Washington, I had the worst night’s sleep for years and years,” Stewart said. “It was only in the morning when I got up and drew the curtains that I realized what it might be.”

The 76-year-old “Star Trek” alum even tweeted about his insomnia back in February:

Patrick Stewart has been a resident alien for 28 years and is married to American musician Sunny Ozell.

It’s unclear if he’s serious about pursuing U.S. citizenship, or if it’s merely a PR stunt to shill his new movie. Even C-list celebs have noticed that speaking out against Trump gets their names in headlines.

Twitter reacted to Stewart with its usual snark and sarcasm.

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