Subway chain defends its chicken, CBC says they need better explanation

Subway is defending itself against a report that said half of its chicken was soy.

The defense came after a report by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. that showed lab tests found only half of the DNA in several Subway chicken sandwiches came from chicken while around half was soy, the New York Post reported.

The sandwich chain called the report false and misleading,” and said it sent samples to two labs that found only one percent was soy.

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Subway said it did tests that the CBC didn’t, according to the Post.

Subway says one test for the presence or absence of a species showed that the protein was chicken, and a second determined the amount of soy content.

The CBC said its tests were done by credible, independent experts and added “Subway has yet to provide any explanation for the DNA test results obtained by CBC.”

It said that it contacted Subway for answers in February and the sandwich chain “chose not to provide answers beyond saying that the results were ‘false’.”

Subway told the Post that soy is an ingredient in the chicken’s marinade.

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