Sarah Silverman doused with reality after whining she doesn’t feel ‘safe’ with Trump using THAT phrase

Comedian Sarah Silverman thinks burying your head in the sand makes your problems go away.

Silverman slammed President Trump for declaring we will defeat “radical Islamic terrorism” during his first joint address before Congress.

It was a rhetorical departure from the past eight years, when former President Obama refused to utter those words, claiming it will turn all Muslims against the United States. Obama’s reasoning doesn’t sound insulting at all: If you offend a Muslim, they’ll immediately turn into terrorists.

Silverman tweeted: “We had a president of deep thought and introspection who kept us safe w/out use of fear. Now we have a bloated ego who’s gonna get us killed.”

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Except that Obama’s soft, sweet phrasing of “Radical Islamic terrorism” didn’t keep us safe at all. And many Twitter users were eager to remind Sarah Silverman of that pesky thing called reality:

Good point. And then someone asked what must have been a rhetorical quesion:

Meanwhile, former Obama adviser Ben Rhodes also trashed Trump for using the words “radical Islamic terrorism.”

Then Rhodes got shut down with one blistering tweet.

Many Americans are glad that President Trump is not afraid to name our enemy. The liberal media has bleated the fake news that Trump is against all Muslims, when in fact he’s opposed to radical Islamic terrorism. People who can’t tell the difference between the two are the real problem.

Vice President Mike Pence said, “We all fully support saying ‘radical Islamic terrorism,’ and added that we need to reach out to “moderate voices in the Islamic world to join us to eradicate radical Islamic terrorism from the world.”

Meanwhile, Twitter reminded Sarah Silverman of her past irrational fear-mongering. Like the time she mistook sidewalk construction markings for Nazi swastikas.

Others reminded Silverman of the tragic deaths suffered at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists.

Many said that ignorant libs like Silverman are the true bigots because they’re the ones equating all Muslims with Islamic terrorists.

Keep it up, libs. You’ll ensure that Trump becomes a two-term president.

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