Nasty fight between comedian and Trump supporter doesn’t end until one is nailed with a cocktail glass

While taking shots at President Donald Trump is nothing new for comedians, one stand-up comic’s routine did not go as planned.

John Caparulo was performing at The Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, CA. when he apparently crossed the line for at least one apparent Trump supporter in his audience, according to TMZ.

**WARNING for extremely foul language.

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Caparulo,  a regular on Chelsea Handler’s show, was joking about the Washington Monument when he referred to the president in his act.

“Some people say it looks like a d***. But I think they’re saving that for Trump’s monument,” he said.

Two women in the front row began to shout f-bombs at him and got up to leave, TMZ reported.  Caparulo exchanged words with the women, continuing the barrage of expletives.

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“You don’t f***ing break up my show, lady,” he said as one woman responded, “Go f*** yourself.”

She then hurled a glass at the comedian as she left.

Caparulo held back from retaliating even though he picked up a stool he had on stage. The audience shouted at the women as they exited without any further incident.

The comic admitted the glass had hurt him before it shattered on the ground, but turned back to his routine, likening the incident to confrontational family reunions.

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