Manchin ditches Dem ‘taking points,’ tells CNN ‘not unusual’ for senators to meet with Russian amb.

It’s not a big deal for senators to meet with the Russian ambassador — it happens all the time.

While journalists are falling all over themselves getting out stories that imply Attorney General Jess Sessions was somehow corrupt for meeting with the Russian ambassador, Sen. Joe Manchin is telling everyone to calm down.

The West Virginia Democrat, who served with Sessions on the Senate Armed Services Committee, told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Thursday that senators meet foreign ambassadors to the United States all the time.

“Have you met with the Russian ambassador?” the CNN “New Day” host asked Manchin.

“I have. I’ve met with the Russian ambassador with a group, in my capacity, with a group of other senators,” he replied. “That happens. We meet with all the ambassadors, or try to, anyway in order to build relationships … That’s not unusual.”

He later added, “That’s in my official capacity. That’s nothing. That’s my job.”

People on social media weren’t surprised, and called the claims of corruption just another fake news story.

The hysteria over alleged Trump administration ties to Russia are getting out of hand.

Finally, one person observed of Democrat Manchin:

After The Washington Post released its story that Sessions met with the Russian ambassador last year, Democratic lawmakers have called for his resignation.

The attorney general, however, isn’t going anywhere. He said he hadn’t done anything wrong.

There go those reporters’ dreams of a Pulitzer.

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H/T: The Daily Caller

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