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Claire McCaskill’s past comes back to bite her BIGTIME when she jumps on bandwagon to denounce Sessions

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Be sure you’re right before you open your mouth and stick your foot in it. That’s a bit of advice that Sen. Claire McCaskill should have heeded — but didn’t.

And she’s not alone.

Sen. Joe Manchin told CNN Thursday morning that meeting the Russian Ambassador is not unusual for senators — especially those who sit on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

The West Virginia Democrat made his statement in support of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who claimed that he’d met Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak several times on Armed Services Committee business during the 2016 presidential campaign.

McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat, disputed that claim, and shot back that throughout her 10 year membership in that committee, she’d never had occasion to meet the Russian ambassador.

One of McCaskill’s followers suggested that given this information, Sessions should resign his attorney general post. McCaskill was in agreement and called for just that.

Apparently she forgot a few meetings — these meetings:


McCaskill tried to weasel herself out of the statement when the flashback tweets started flooding in, and insisted she never met with the Ambassador “one on one.”

But it didn’t do much good to quell the backlash:

And it didn’t take long for others to find the facts and call for McCaskill’s resignation.

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At least one person found what could have been an excuse for McCaskill to latch on to.

But would it work for the 30 other senators — Democrats all — who had met Russian diplomats? Did they all find the experience as forgettable as did apparently McCaskill?

Sean Davis, a co-founder of The Federalist, did a little digging and reported:

Yeah, you read that right. They met Russian officials to help facilitate the Iran nuclear agreement — a deal that released billions of dollars to the world’s biggest state sponsor of terrorism, and which gave the rest of the world nothing in return.

All at once then-Sen. Jeff Sessions’ meetings on committee business sound like small potatoes.


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