A few tweets was all it took for Mary Katharine Ham to put lib haters who bashed SEAL’s wife to shame

Emotional reactions continued to President Donald Trump’s tribute to a fallen Navy SEAL during his address to Congress.

While Trump’s homage to Ryan Owens and his widow Carryn brought almost everyone to their feet during the speech Tuesday, it seems some could not put their hatred for the president aside long enough to honor the fallen hero.

The lunacy on the left reached a new level as insults were hurled at Trump – and even Owens’ widow.

Not surprisingly, actress Debra Messing made it known in a tweet responding to comments by NBC’s Katy Tur that there should be no praise for the president whatsoever as the display was “horrifying.”

Messing was quickly called out by Twitter users for her thoughtless comments.

And while Messing’s tweet can serve as an example of what is wrong with liberals and their incessant need to bash this president, CNN contributor Mary Katharine Ham dished up a scathing rebuke for all the haters slamming Trump’s tribute and Owens’ widow.

Nothing to do but drop the mic.

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Frieda Powers


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