The Democrat rebuttal to President Trump’s epic speech couldn’t have gone better – for Trump

Democrats did President Donald Trump a favor by picking former Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear to give the Party’s rebuttal to the president’s joint sessions speech.

The former governor, who was defeated by Republican Matt Bevin, provided a stark contrast to an energetic, charismatic president.

And, apparently, he forgot which party he belongs to.

“I’m a proud Democrat, but first and foremost, I’m a proud Republican,” Beshear said before making a quick save. “And Democrat, and mostly, American.”

But even putting aside that apparent slip, or odd attempt reach across the aisle,  social media roasted the choice of Beshear, a 72-year-old who is virtually unknown, to give the rebuttal.

From the South, even!

Even hardcore liberal Samantha Bee mocked it.

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Carmine Sabia


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