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Fists flew when crazed libs attacked Trump supporters protesting Oscars

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Protesting isn’t just for left-wingers, but when those on the right do it odds are some loony leftist is gonna do something crazy.

That’s exactly what happened on Sunday when a few Trump supporters, including some Hispanics holding a “Mexicans for Trump” sign, decided to play the “protest card” against the Oscars outside the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, where the event was held.

The protest started peacefully enough:

Until a crazed liberal confronted them, then grabbed one lady’s sign and broke it in half. Fists flew, and the woman who broke the sign was eventually arrested. (It must be noted that the lady Trump-supporter seemed to do a nice job defending herself against the attack.)

After the altercation, one woman continued to taunt, scream, make obscene body gestures and call the Trump supporters names.

At the end of the clip, one of the Trump-supporting protesters, a Hispanic man, said, “I’m Latino and I say build that wall. I actually have a friend whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant. There’s a lot of crimes committed by these illegal immigrants that I’m not for.”


Social media was abuzz with reaction:

And finally:

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