Ethics group calls for fed probe of troubling six-figure windfall for ex-con Jesse Jackson Jr. from taxpayers

Talk about privilege!

Only in America can a former Democratic congressman be released from prison only to soft land with a $138,000-a-year payout from taxpayers.

…a windfall that a government watchdog group finds “troubling” and says warrants an investigation by the U.S. Labor Department’s inspector general.

Former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., the son of race provocateur Jesse Jackson, spent 2 1/2 years in prison after spending $750,000 in campaign money on personal items like fur coats and luxurious vacations.

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While some may argue he has paid his debt to society, Jackson continues to fleece U.S. taxpayers.

Not only does he receive $100,000 a year in tax-free workers’ compensation benefits because he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and depression, Jackson is also on the receiving end of about $38,400 a year in Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, the Chicago Tribune reported.

And daddy bemoans the inequity people of color face?

Craig Holman, with the watchdog group Public Citizen, said the amount of money Jackson is receiving is “breathtaking.”

He also said the disgraced former Democratic lawmaker’s mental health issues have little to do with his role as a congressman — Jackson’s attorney claims his condition has worsened due to a contentious divorce, the Tribune reported.

“I can’t imagine in any way that his bipolar disorder would have been caused in any way by his congressional duties,” Holman said.

“It’s really troubling to see someone who goes to prison for corruption coming out of prison” collecting that much money from the government, he told the newspaper.

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The odds of a federal probe being launched improves with a Trump administration… but this is Chicago.

Tom Tillison


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