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Toys R Us scrambles to apologize profusely after a display of ‘Trump’s border wall’ is erected in its store

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A photo of a “border wall” erected in a Portugal Toys R Us store was posted online by Mexican soccer player Miguel Layún, who was not pleased with the display.

The caption accompanying the photo said, according to Google Translate: “How sad that @ToysRUs in Gaia have this type of decoration. We opted to leave when we saw this ‘joke.'”

And to ensure the intended message was clear, the display featured arrows pointing to Mexico and USA.

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(Faces of shoppers were intentionally blacked out.)

The striking photo prompted Toys R Us to apologize profusely to Layun and promise that “the employees will be dealt with appropriately.”

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With all the attention on President Donald Trump’s promised wall on the southern border, it didn’t take long for the photo to start making the rounds.

Social media users found no humor in the lay out as seen in these responses from Twitter:

But the chances of the display having an impact on sales seems almost a certainty:

Either way, the outrage was very real as seen below:

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