Talking smack! Trump and new DNC chair go at it on Twitter ALREADY – guess who started it?

President Trump managed to get a rise out of the new Democratic National Committee chairman Saturday.

Shortly after Democratic National Committee members elected Tom Perez, who was labor secretary under former President Barack Obama, Trump tweeted his congratulations and approval.

Perez, who was considered the establishment Democratic candidate for the position over far-left rival Rep. Keith Ellison, managed to squeak past his primary opponent in a 235-200 vote of the committee’s 435 members who cast their ballots.

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Trump’s statement that he was pleased for the Perez victory on behalf of the Republican Party is no doubt in reference to the president’s victory over Hillary Clinton — an establishment Democrat.

Perez took the nose-tweak in stride, however, and shoot back:

Perez was elected on the second round of voting — he was one vote shy of victory after the first round. His statement that both he and Ellison will be the GOP’s “worst nightmare” referred to the Minnesota congressman’s election as the party’s deputy chair.

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