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Dozens injured after truck plows into Mardi Gras crowd; liberal’s waste no time pushing spin

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A driver is in custody after driving his car into a crowd of people watching a Mardi Gras Grand parade and liberals are thrilled the suspect is white.

The alleged drunk driver was apprehended on Saturday after his vehicle injured 28 people watching the parade in downtown New Orleans, CNBC reported.

Witnesses described the driver as disheveled and glassy eyed when he was taken out of his pickup truck.

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The driver hit a dump truck and several other vehicles before it landed on the median and plowed into the parade watchers.

Terrorism is not suspected but the New Orleans branch of the FBI said it is “coordinating with our federal, state and local law enforcement partners to determine whether a federal violation has occurred.”

But liberals on social media were more concerned with the fact that the driver was white.

Or, you know, he was visibly drunk.

Where did anyone mention his religion?

Again who confirmed what his religion is?

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