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Today it’s ‘T-PAC’! Trump returns to CPAC as victorious conquering king

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Today, CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) held just outside of D.C. in suburban Maryland, welcomes President Donald Trump as a victorious conquering king. Scriptwriters could never have imagined such a scene diametrically opposed to CPAC 2016 when presidential candidate Donald Trump abruptly canceled his appearance.

A major walk-out was planned during Trump’s CPAC speech by conservative attendees loyal to presidential candidate, Senator Ted Cruz. Also, there was a dispute over the interview format under which Trump would appear. All the conflict convinced Trump to pull out of CPAC, and that became THE story of the 2016 conference.

Furthermore, Senator Cruz was the favorite of 2016 CPAC attendees and won the straw poll with 40 percent of the vote. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio placed with 30 percent and Trump placed third with 15 percent.

Not only has Trump gone from 15 percent approval to President of the United States but the title of Kellyanne Conway has drastically changed from CPAC 2016. Conway is now serving at counselor to the president after successfully managing Trump’s presidential campaign. However at last year’s CPAC Conway was leading a political action committee supporting Cruz’s presidential campaign.

Thursday at CPAC 2017, Conway, addressing the crowd that would welcome President Trump on Friday said, “Tomorrow, this will be T-PAC.”

Which proves in the world of politics, nothing is impossible and always expect the unexpected.

Donald Trump CPAC 2015:

Donald Trump CPAC 2015

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