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Prankster protester infiltrates CPAC, momentarily dupes group of attendees before he’s tossed out

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It looks like a group of CPAC attendees found out they were duped when flags they were waving in support of the president were confiscated.

They were Russian flags.

Probably caught up in the moment and focusing on the Trump name scrawled across the mini flags, the group reportedly took the souvenirs from someone they believed was a Trump staffer.

CPAC confirmed to the Daily Mail’s David Martosko that at least some of the flags were handed out by liberal activist Ryan Clayton who was removed from the speech after he shouted “facist” at the president.

Conservative James O’Keefe posted a video of Clayton being booted:

At another point, the crowd started shouting “USA, USA” when what looks like another protester was tossed.

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