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Libs try to make Muslim WH worker who quit after 8 days in Trump admin a martyr, but it’s not working

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Always at the ready to peddle their narrative, the left quickly ate up the story of a Muslim White House employee who quit her job after eight days into President Donald Trump’s administration.

Rumana Ahmed penned an essay published in The Atlantic on Thursday revealing her reason for leaving her National Security Council job just days after the departure of former President Obama.

Hired to work at the White House straight out of college in 2011, Ahmed documents her journey and the days leading up to her decision to quit in an essay titled, “I Was a Muslim in Trump’s White House.”

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Ahmed details her “shock” at Trump’s election victory and her internal debate to stay in her position as the senior adviser to Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes.

“I debated whether I should leave my job. Since I was not a political appointee, but a direct hire of the NSC, I had the option to stay,” she wrote, adding that some were actually worried for her safety in a Trump White House. “I decided that Trump’s NSC could benefit from a colored, female, hijab-wearing, American Muslim patriot.”

Her decision to quit days after Trump was sworn in and her published story were quickly circulated by the left as another tale of martyrdom under the new administration. Ahmed’s description of the new White House as a place that was “strange, appalling and disturbing” provided more fodder for the story for those like NBC’s Katy Tur.

Ahmed even appeared on MSNBC to share her story.

Except there really was no story as Ahmed chose to quit her job and was not fired or placed on leave. Any number of employees who have gone through management transitions in the private sector would attest to facing the same kind of challenge as changes unfold.

Twitter users were not about to be fed the narrative the left was pushing and called out the essay’s misleading headline and tone in countless tweets.

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