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Sweden majorily triggered by President Trump’s invasion of its so-called ‘safe space’

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The Swedish government has gone into panic mode and is scrambling to come up with a response to the scenes of violence and mayhem that made the Rinkeby district of Stockholm, Sweden a household name.

So what do they do, BLAME PRESIDENT TRUMP!


“It’s a very dangerous rhetoric Trump uses to whip up a frenzy to support his hostile immigration policies,” says Pernilla Staalhammar, MP Miljopartiet (The Environment Party). She goes on to explain that Trump’s description of reality is also “dangerous to Sweden….foreign countries (Trump) risks supporting undemocratic forces even in Sweden“.

Sweden’s violent crime has increased with 300% and rape by 1472% since 1975, the year Sweden opened its doors to mass-immigration, the Gatestone Institute reported. So apparently, pointing that out is a danger to the county according to the Staalhammar.

This is coming from the same country that rationalized a wheelchair-bound woman who was gang raped by 5 refugees “did not do enough to fight off her attackers” and therefore the case could not be classed as rape, according to Swedish law, Aftonbladet reported.

So why is Trump violating Sweden’s safe space?

If you ask Swedish officials, it’s because Obama idealized Sweden.

“During his eight years spread an incredibly bright picture of Sweden as one of the world’s most civilized countries, successful in a way that economists consider to be impossible,” Erika Bjerstom of SVT explained.

“High taxes, free trade, major exports, welfare, generous immigration policy, feminist foreign policy, tough climate politics – everything that Barack Obama had dreamed to enforce in the United States but for the majority of his time was stopped by a Republican-dominated Congress,” she added.

So the real issue becomes, not only did President Trump stop Obama’s radical plans for America but he is also threatening to tear down liberals fatalistic dream of a Swedish utopian paradise. Trump’s statements are drawing attention to the nightmare that Sweden’s ruling class created for its citizens through careless immigration policies. The Swedish elite are terrified of the truth coming out and if suppressing the truth is the only answer, so be it.

George Orwell once said “in times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” Well, Trump started the revolution….now it’s up to regular Swedes to act.

Michael Hansen


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