Studio audience has resounding answer for Hannity when he asks them to name worst news outlet

CNN is the worst fake news shill in all of media.

That was the consensus of a live studio audience when Fox News’ Sean Hannity posed the question while filming his show at CPAC on Wednesday.

“Of all the media outlets, which one was the worst?” Hannity asked. “CNN!” the audience shouted in unison.

A man in the audience yelled out, “They gave [Hillary] the questions!”

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Hannity replied in disbelief: “I know! They gave her the debate questions at CNN.”

Hannity raised the question while discussing the blatant leftist bias of mainstream media. While liberal press bias has been in place for decades, reporters usually tried to hide their political leanings. But no longer. The media’s anti-Trump bias is now relentless and out in the open.

Sean Hannity previously explained that he is a commentator who doesn’t hide his political views, so the audience knows exactly where he stands. But the folks at CNN insist they’re “objective journalists” while shilling leftist propaganda masquerading as “news.”

CNN’s mask was torn off when Wikileaks revealed its collusion with Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. “It was the single most corrupt, revealing moment about media bias, disinformation and propaganda,” Hannity said.

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Hannity said it’s clear the mainstream media (which leans 90% liberal) is pushing anti-Trump narratives in order to influence their viewers.

“The media is against our president,” he said. “We have Democrats against the president. We have freaky weird snowflakes against the president. And we even have weak Republicans against the president.”

Many on Twitter agreed with Hannity, and most will never forget how CNN colluded with Hillary during the presidential election.

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