Judge Nap explains how Trump’s new travel ban may very well be ‘legally bulletproof’ this time around

On Wednesday, Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared with host Neal Cavuto on Your World to explain exactly how President Trump’s brand-new executive order banning immigration from unstable countries might be legally “bulletproof” this time around.

Napolitano explained that, according to information obtained by Fox News’ John Roberts, the order won’t be as geographically specific as the last one, but rather focus on “all” countries where refugee-vetting procedures are “not up to U.S. standards,” not just those specific countries.

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This is a good thing, particularly because it will protect against claims of a so-called “Muslim ban.”

Explaining that the Constitution does give the president a good deal of discretion in this area, Napolitano said that “as long as [Trump] exercises that discretion without favoring or disfavoring any religious group, it is very difficult for even the smartest of lawyers to find a way to challenge this.”

He said that the new order would actually give the administration “breathing room” so they can craft vetting standards to par with other western nations.

“If that’s what is in this order, then the president has very shrewdly avoided all of the problems that the four judges who have written opinions against his order have articulated,” Napolitano said.

Not that liberal judges aren’t capable of making up any reason under the sun to oppose this president, even statements made by supporters during the campaign (as Nap pointed out in the segment), but this will at least make their jobs at obstruction more difficult.

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Watch the video below:

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