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‘Stunning’ poll shows broad support on Trump’s immigration issues, strongly oppose sanctuary cities

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When it comes to at least one divisive issue, President Trump has the overwhelming majority of Americans behind him.

In a new Harvard-Harris Poll provided to The Hill, 80 percent of voters “largely disapprove” of so-called “sanctuary cities,” where officials purposefully refuse to turn illegal alien criminals over to federal authorities.


The poll of 2,148 registered voters also found public opinion divided on Trump’s wall, with 53 percent in opposition and 47 percent in favor. However, lest liberals use this statistic to say Americans want open borders, fully three out of four voters favor increasing border patrols and 52 percent of Americans actually favor a combination of Trump’s executive orders declaring a wall and the hiring of 10,000 more immigration enforcement officers along with revoking money from the hundreds of sanctuary cities, most of which are run by Democrats.

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Additionally, a majority of Americans, 51 percent, favor decreasing the number of refugees slated to arrive from Syria, while only 15 percent want more refugees. 34 percent are happy with the numbers as they are. 47 percent believe refugees have a negative impact on the nation, as opposed to 33 percent who believed it has a positive effect.

According to The  Hill, the top 10 U.S sanctuary cities receive $2.27 billion in federal funding, and a new Trump executive order directs Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly to figure out how to cut those cities off unless they start obeying federal law.

The survey also found 77 percent of the public supporting comprehensive immigration reform.

Harvard-Harris co-director Mark Penn told The Hill, “While there is broad support for comprehensive immigration reform, there is overwhelming opposition to sanctuary cities. The public wants honest immigrants treated fairly and those who commit crimes deported and that’s very clear from the data.”

A majority, 53 percent, also support Trump’s travel ban, with 47 percent in opposition, and more people found the federal judge’s suspension of the ban makes the country less safe than those who felt it is making the country safer.

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Interestingly, the partisan breakdown of the poll included 39 percent Democrats and only 30 percent Republican. 27 percent considered themselves independent.

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