Kellyanne Conway responds to CNN’s report she was ‘sidelined’ by WH from T.V. appearances

CNN has claimed that Kellyanne Conway is being removed from television appearances after making “off message” statements that ran counter to official White House positions.

But Conway reportedly disputes the claim made by CNN who said it was informed of the decision by White House sources.

On Monday, Conway said Gen Michael Flynn had President Donald Trump’s “full confidence,” before he tendered his resignation hours later.

She followed her statement the next day by saying Flynn resigned of his own accord. A statement that was contradicted by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer who said the president asked for the general’s resignation.

Those were the last television interviews given by Conway, CNN reported, and speculation over whether or not her job was in peril began to grow.

“Clearly they’re having much more of a drama-free week,” CNN claimed a source close to the White House said. “Having Kellyanne off television is helping them.”

Conway has disputed the claim and said she might be scheduled to appear on Fox News on Wednesday night as reported via NBC WH correspondent Hallie Jackson.

But not so fast.

CNN’s Dylan Byers implied that the move is a strategy by the White House to make the CNN story seem as though it is fake news.

If it is a strategy, Fox News’ Sean Hannity may be in on it:

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While Trump haters rejoiced, Kellyanne supporters believe the media is to blame for the controversy:

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