Fight breaks out between ‘protester’ and a Trump supporter at WILD Mitch McConnell town hall

Things got heated when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell held a luncheon for constituents in Kentucky.

The event was held in heavily Republican Anderson County but, as has been the case with many events for Republican politicians, somehow many anti-Republican detractors of President Donald Trump were present.

And the arguments between supporters and opponents became intense.

Sen. McConnell gave a routine speech about the Senate’s agenda and the need to approve the president’s cabinet when he arrived around noon, reported.

He acknowledged the protesters that were outside of the event and said “They don’t share my agenda.”

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But the event didn’t stay cordial.

“Do you favor impeachment of President Trump for killing civilians in Yemen?” someone in the crowd asked.

McConnell didn’t answer but it is worth noting that, if this man’s idea was reality essentially every president that presided over a war ought to be impeached.

At another point an audience member didn’t like the senator’s answer to a woman’s question about coal jobs that have been lost in Kentucky, and shouted “Answer the question, Mitch!”

But it was the fight between people in the audience that received the most attention.

“Get a job!” a Trump supporter shouted at a woman in the crowd who was seemingly a protester.

“I have a job you a**hole!” she fired back before police intervened to separate the two.

“All you have is a mouth and ad hominem arguments,” he shouted back as he was moved by police.

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Carmine Sabia


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