Mrs. Florida heads protest outside of Boca Raton Nordstrom before polite cop threatens arrests

A Florida group of Ivanka Trump supporters took their message directly to Nordstrom in what they called a “celebration” of the first daughter.

A viral video rocketing through social media last week inspired women shoppers around the country to speak out against the company.

Resident Steven Alembik called on female fashionistas in the posh town of Boca Raton to show their displeasure on President’s Day at the local mall.

Karyn Schafer Turk
Photo Credit Karyn Turk.

“Nordstrom can put anything on the shelf they want or take anything off the shelf,” Alembik told BPR. “But do you think if Michelle Obama had a line in the store they’d have pulled it and made a big deal about it in the media?”

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The group stood outside of the store at the Boca Raton Mall on Monday where Mrs. Florida Karyn Turk and others cut their Nordstrom’s credit card in protest of the store’s decision.

“I feel very bad for her that she’s receiving backlash over her father being president,” Turk told video reporter Michael Furnari. “She’s a self-made woman. He didn’t make her career. He didn’t bring her to the point that she’s at. She’s empowered. She’s a woman. This shouldn’t be about anybody else but her, her line and the success of the department store.”


Karyn Schafer Turk Nordstrom
Photo Credit Karyn Turk.

“If Ivanka Trump were to run for office would you vote for her,” Furnari asked.

“Yes, 100 percent,” Turk said. “Hear this!” she said, as she cut her Nordstrom’s card in half.

Some of the other women at the mall wore Ivanka Trump dresses as they handed out cards that read “Make America Great Again” on the front and “Nordstrom” in a circle with a line through it on the back

The protest came on the heels of actor Scott Baio vowing that his wife, and the $30,000 she spent at the store, won’t ever shop there again.

And a mocktastic counter-protest by Chelsea Handler who took two friends on a shopping spree at the store.


Nordstorms Cards


A local police officer politely told the group to get off the private property or that they would be arrested, adding that he’s “happy to support whatever peaceful activity” they have the right to do elsewhere.

But, this was Boca Raton, folks. . . it was time to head “to the beach.”

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