‘Poor me victims’ cry over getting fired for not showing up to work in ‘support’ of illegal immigrants

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Illegals who got fired for not showing up to work without telling the boss don’t understand why they were terminated. (Image: Mark Dice/Twitter)

If you don’t show up for work without the boss’ permission, you get fired.

That’s what more than 100 protesters around the country learned after participating in the “Day Without (Illegal) Immigrants” demonstration

Business was disrupted at restaurants, grocery stores and diners after illegal aliens failed to show up for work to protest President Trump’s move to build a wall along the Mexican border and crack down on illegal immigrants who commit felonies.

The “I Don’t Care Bar and Grill” in Catoosa, Oklahoma, fired 12 workers who didn’t tell show up for their shifts without letting their employer know ahead of time.

In Nolensville, Tennessee, 20 workers at the Bradley Coatings painting company were fired for the same reason. The company had alerted all employees ahead of time that they risked termination if they skipped work, NBC reported.

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Amazingly, many of the 100 fired protesters (most of whom were illegals) were upset they lost their jobs even though that’s what happens in most workplaces — even for U.S. citizens and LEGAL immigrants.

And some vowed to file lawsuits for wrongful termination, despite the fact they’re in the country illegally. So much for the liberal narrative that illegals are “living the shadows.”

Besides, the fired workers don’t have a leg to stand on legally: Most had “at-will” jobs, meaning they can be fired for any reason.

While the “Day Without (Illegal) Immigrants” protest was meant to spotlight how indispensable illegals are to the American economy, critics like conservative author Ann Coulter called the day a huge success, saying any day without illegal immigrants is a win.

Others on Twitter agreed.



Many said they don’t understand why the protest was misnamed, when it should have been called a Day Without ILLEGAL Immigrants.

Some were confused why anyone in the country illegally would call attention to their law-breaking.

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