Laura Ingraham has no patience for Kasich’s ‘words matter’ hypocrisy; watch how fast she shuts it down

Laura Ingraham shut down Ohio governor John Kasich for trashing President Trump. (Image: screengrab)

Laura Ingraham has no patience for hypocritical RINOs (Republicans in name only) like John Kasich.

Ingraham called out the Ohio governor after he lectured President Trump about how “words matter” when you’re a politician.

Kasich criticized Trump on CNN when he was interviewed from Munich, Germany, at an international security conference.

“Words matter,” Kasich said. “The administration needs to understand that loose words cause great concern … Things that get said out of that White House really matter, not just in America, but all over the world.”

Kasich was urging President Trump to not alarm European nations by saying they need to pay their fair share of dues if they still want U.S. military protection.

In the 28-nation NATO alliance, total defense spending topped $900 billion in 2015. The United States paid $650 billion, or 73%, of the total fees.

The figures were equally lopsided for 2014 (see graphic), and remain so to this day. Many NATO members haven’t paid their fair share for years.

nato military spending by countryTrump has said all NATO members must chip in if they want the military alliance to continue.

For some irrational reason, Democrats and RINOs like Kasich are offended that Trump wants our military partners to pay their fair share. Kasich thinks pointing out the unfair agreement will hurt our European partners’ feelings because “words matter.”

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That’s when Laura Ingraham pointed out that hypocritical Kasich once promised to support Trump if he were elected president (See video). So far, Kasich has done nothing but criticize and obstruct Trump.

Many on Twitter agreed with Ingraham, calling Kasich a traitor to his party whose words mean nothing.

Others said John Kasich’s political career is over and he’s merely pandering to liberal media because he wants them to give him a job later.

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