Here’s what we can we expect from Monday’s national ‘Not My President’s Day’ protests

Anti-Trumpers are set to protest (again) Monday as part of the “Not My President’s Day” movement.

Whining and rioting have become full-time jobs for many liberals, who have vowed to oppose and obstruct President Trump even if he proposes policies that benefit them.

Radio talk show host Larry Elder told Fox & Friends he’s fed up with the rioting, hypocrisy and violence.

“There’s a line between protesting and committing crimes, assaulting people and committing vandalism,” Elder said. “And many of these so-called protesters have long since crossed that line.”

Elder is baffled by the protests against Trump because the president is a centrist and a populist whose political views and policies align with many protesters.

“There were protesters against Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, but those guys were fiscal and social conservatives, and of course, Bush got us into the Iraq War,” Elder said. “Donald Trump is a POPULIST.”

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Trump wants to expand paid maternity leave and does not oppose gay marriage, Elder noted. Trump also wants to enact a $1 trillion stimulus package that most ultra-liberal Democrats like Chuck Schumer would normally embrace.

“When you look at it issue by issue, Trump is supporting issues that minorities and liberals support,” Elder said. “So what makes this man racist?”

riotsWhen Fox News host Clayton Morris said immigration seems to be the topic that liberals most vehemently oppose Trump on, Larry Elder said that too makes no sense.

Studies show illegal immigrants drive down wages and take jobs that many minorities depend on. So they’re the ones who would most benefit from a border wall and tighter controls on illegal immigration.

“So the people that the Democratic Party claim that they care about — minorities living in the inner city — would benefit by doing something about these porous borders,” Elder said.

A New York Times piece recently spotlighted the left’s meltdown by showing that their nonstop rioting and whining are actually benefiting Trump by turning many liberals and centrists against the Democratic Party.

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