‘Sweet Jesus!’ Disease specialist diagnoses Trump with untreated condition and left wing media bites

Speaking of “bizarre”…

Looking to explain President Donald Trump‘s “bizarre mannerisms,” Steven Beutler, an infectious disease specialist, believes the president could be suffering from an untreated STD.

And the media can’t fathom why America rejects them.

In an essay published in The New Republic, Beutler suggested Trump exhibits signs of dementia, as seen in the “later stages of syphilis.”

Now that’s a “beut!”

But it’s not the ridiculousness of the assertion that stands out, after all, there’s a reason they call the liberal sickness “Trump DERANGEMENT Syndrome,” it’s the eagerness of Trump haters to jump on the asinine assertion.

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Far left rags like Raw Story are chomping at the bit to run with such a salacious headline:

Of course, we know Adolph Hitler, who Trump is often compared to by the unhinged left, was also rumored to suffer from untreated syphilis. When it comes to Democrats, the ends justify the means.

The best way to sum up such tripe is that it is “an embarrassment.”

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter that not only have fun with the claim, but also points out that this is not a new tactic in politics:

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