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Hundreds of Texans may have voted improperly, Gov. Abbott vows fight to ‘stop cheating at the ballot box’

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While not the millions reference by President Donald Trump, reports that hundreds of Texans may have voted improperly suggest the problem is far more rampant than the liberal media lets on.

…and we can thank activist courts for the outcome.


More from Fox News:

Officials in Texas acknowledge that hundreds of people were able to bypass voter ID laws and improperly cast ballots in the presidential election.

Voters were able to sign a sworn statement instead of showing ID.

The chief election officers in two of Texas’ largest counties are considering whether to refer cases to prosecutors for possible charges.

Officials in many other areas say they will let the mistakes go, adding that there was widespread confusion among workers and voters.


An appeals court came up with the affidavit process when it ruled that the Texas voter ID law discriminated against minorities, making the change to the benefit of voters who allegedly could not obtain identification.

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Out of about 13,500 affidavits from Texas’ largest counties analyzed by The Associated Press, there were at least 500 instances in which voters signed an affidavit instead of producing a photo ID, “despite indicating that they possessed one,” Fox News reported.

Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott retweeted the AP report, adding” “We’ll continue our fight to stop cheating at ballot box.”

Here’s a sampling of additional reactions from Twitter:

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