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Blacks For Trump getting an early start; media tried hard to ignore group’s fantastic force at Florida rally

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President Donald Trump swept into the Orlando-Melbourne Airport on Saturday for a campaign-style rally before heading to Mar-a-Lago for the weekend and was met by a large enthusiastic crowd.

…to include a number of black supporters.

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In fact, you might say African-Americans turned out if force in a show of support for the president… but don’t tell the mainstream media.

A group holding “BlacksForTrump 2020.com” signs and wearing t-shirts that declared “TRUMP & Republicans ARE NOT RACIST” were seen everywhere.


…to include behind the stage as first lady Melania Trump read “The Lord’s Prayer.”


Turns out, black supporters — AND praying — at a Trump rally is more popular than liberals and their media allies want you to know.

As for the president’s support among minorities, word is s-l-o-w-l-y getting out:



One attendee called out a member of the media for ignoring black and Hispanic Trump supporters, opting to interview only older white supporters.

“I’m being discriminated [against] by the media because they don’t want to show… what’s racist is not interviewing me as a black Trump supporter,” one man explained.

Tom Tillison


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