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Anti-police protest gets violent, two officers injured, see what ‘bullets trump hate’ crowd calls peaceful

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A Philadelphia protest denouncing police violence got violent itself, sending two police officers to the hospital.

The injured officers were sprayed with pepper spray as the tried to control the crowd that described itself as “ungovernable” as they burned an American flag.

Many of the protesters, organized by the Black Resistance March, chanted “pigs go home,” “bullets trump hate” and “no good cop but a dead one.”

Protest organizer Megan Malachi said it was police who initiated the violence.

“We were attempting to continue our protest, continuing to assert our rights to protest and police did not want us to go certain places and they decided they were going to stop us by being violent,” she told NBC 10.

“There is no such thing as a peaceful protest when police are present,” she said.

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Joe Sullivan denied that charge when he spoke to NBC 10.

“Once you elect to spray police officers with a caustic substance, you are no longer involved in protest activity, you are involved in criminal activity,” he said.

Four of the protesters were apprehended, according to NBC 10.

The protest was documented on social media.

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