Paul Ryan confounds when he goes full-force Trump mode after presser: ‘We’re exactly on track…’

Perhaps shocking many, Republican House leader Paul Ryan is now saying that President Donald Trump can lead Washington to become the “most productive Congress and presidency in our lifetime.”

In a new interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Ryan insisted that he is in near-constant communication with the president and they have worked out an ambitious plan going forward, Fox Insider reported.

Ryan noted that his relationship with the president is a very new creation.

“I didn’t know the guy,” Ryan said of Trump. “He didn’t know me, I didn’t know him. We met basically once. And so, what we’ve been doing, we speak constantly, we talk all the time. We’re working on the same plan.” Ryan exclaimed.

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Ryan also said that he has crafted a “200-day plan” with Senate Majority Leader, Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell, all aimed at furthering Trump’s agenda.

“We are exactly on track and on our timeline with our agenda,” Ryan said.

Despite the fears of many, Ryan insists that Trump’s plan is still on track and the GOP leadership is behind the president.

Many responding to the interview on Twitter are skeptical but hopeful while others are just plain skeptical.


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